Serenity Seniors Home serves as a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly/Assisted Living. We will have qualified staff that aims to provide our residences with the highest quality of life. Our staff include Licensed Vocational Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants and other Direct Service Professionals with experience working with the elderly population.

Serenity Seniors Home will be dedicated to providing professional service and care to its clients. We will treat each client as an individual and would make sure all of their needs are met. In essence, our purpose will be to assist these individuals to cope with their physical and/or mental limitations, to coordinate any services necessary to promote self-reliance, confidence and the highest quality of life. Our services will be individually tailored and attend to all aspects of the resident.

Serenity Seniors Home goals are to provide the best service possible for our client. This includes living in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. After a client has resided in our facility for one year, we expect the consumer’s countenance to appear brighter. Serenity Seniors Home believes that:


• Safety • Physical and Mental Health  • Quality of Life  • Integration


...are the pillars of an effective organization.